The Location

There are two Vauxhall’s; one makes Astras in Luton and the other is part of the largest regeneration site in Europe (we’re based in the latter). Vauxhall is in the midst of a transformation at the minute, returning to it’s former glory as a destination location in the heart of London. We think that’s quite exciting, so we chose to base (see what we did there) ourselves here.

Hot air balloon Location sketch

The Office

Our office is located in the heart of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. You may find the occasional llama walking in the park as we’re opposite Vauxhall City Farm. You may also find James Bond walking in the park as Mi6 is across the road.

Design Services

We are a bunch of pixel knitting, layout manipulating, brand whisperers (definitely a real thing). We live for two things; designing stuff that makes you smile, designing stuff that makes us smile, and counting better. Our design services include:


There’s more to logo design than just typography and symbology. It’s about creating a brand universe and the foundation for all that follows it. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then this is getting a little too deep for a sentence about logo design.


Web design… A lot of people do it. Some do it well, others do it badly. You won’t find any cookie cutter templates here. All of our web sites are designed from scratch for you and only you. After all, there’s nothing worse than turning up to a party in the same outfit as someone else.


Believe it or not, people do still need to print things. When they do, we can offer all manner of print design possibilities; from corporate stationery in exotic materials – to product brochures, magazines and restaurant menus. If it can be printed, it can be designed – by us.


When it comes to packaging design, we like to think inside the box. As in literally inside some packaging – it inspires us. We’ve created packaging for custom espresso mugs, material samples and even a replica post box for international postcard stamps.


We occasionally dabble in the dark art of illustration. From iconography to character creation and sketch work – we like to vector the living daylights out of things. Our favourite creations are a well meaning sperm whale called Bob and a chipper hedgehog called Horace.


An additional string to our bow is the fabulous world of fashion and apparel design. We’ve helped realise designs for bags and t-shirts – through to socks, caps and even a state-of-the-art cycling jersey and bib shorts.